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As Real as It Gets is not just for adopted children! It is an engaging book that is from a young boy’s perspective and handles the messy, emotional and wonderful feelings that are common to many children. It helps to put into words children’s feelings and makes it OK to talk about adoption, fears, hopes and dreams. It is a reassuring book that normalizes interracial families, adoption and families that come together differently. It is a book that promotes empathy and understanding starting at a young age.

My Very Own Aliens is a young girl’s story as she makes the journey from foster care to her adoptive family. In the story she is reunited with her brother but at the cost of visiting with an odd pair of “aliens” who invite them to join their forever family. My Very Own Aliens is for any child who has lost what is familiar to them and must learn a new way of being family that can often feel like living with aliens. Children and parents will be reassured that what they are feeling is normal. It is a story that promotes communication across cultures and highlights the strength and bravery of a young girl facing the unknown.

Soft covered book     $10.00                Hard covered book     $15.00

(Tax included, signed copies delivered to school on day of event)

Bio info:

Amanda Barton is a nurse practitioner, wife, mother, and new author. Her family includes a loving husband, five children, two horses and a big lovable dog. Her three oldest children are biological siblings who they adopted from the foster care system when they were 5, 3, and 1. She has authored a series of children’s books based on their real life experiences of being family in a mixed race family created through adoption.