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My Very Own Aliens is from a young girl’s perspective as she makes the journey from foster care to her adoptive family. In the story she is reunited with her brother but at the cost of visiting with an odd pair of “aliens” who want to get to know them better. My Very Own Aliens is for any child who has lost what is familiar to them and must learn a new way of being family that can often feel like living with aliens. Children and parents will be reassured that what they are feeling is normal.



As Real As It Gets

cover of As Real As It Gets
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As Real As It Gets is a picture book about a boy who is adjusting to life in his forever family.

Despite his best efforts, sometimes he feels something monstrous growing inside him (like a cobra, a T Rex, a gas bubble), until out it comes, slithering, roaring, exploding:

“You’re not my real mother!”

youre not my real mother

Everything stretches and slows down like I fell in a black hole.

His mother reassures him:

“I’m as real as it gets and I’m not giving up. I’m your mother in truth. Your mother. Forever.”


The monster slinks away and a warm glow spreads inside the boy (like a flower in June, a cookie out of the oven, a hug). But the feeling doesn’t last. The monster is soon lurking again. One day, it’s only as fierce as a 2-inch tall rubber T Rex, and it taunts him,

“How long is forever, anyway?”

how long is forever

The story ends on an “okay for now” moment of love and silliness from his dad:

“Well, T Rex. Here’s the bad news. Forever for you means that you’ll always have those silly short arms, too puny to pick your nose and too tiny to tickle your son.”

* * * * *
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