As Real As It Gets

cover of As Real As It Gets
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As Real As It Gets is a picture book about a boy who is adjusting to life in his forever family.

Despite his best efforts, sometimes he feels something monstrous growing inside him (like a cobra, a T Rex, a gas bubble), until out it comes, slithering, roaring, exploding:

“You’re not my real mother!”

youre not my real mother

Everything stretches and slows down like I fell in a black hole.

His mother reassures him:

“I’m as real as it gets and I’m not giving up. I’m your mother in truth. Your mother. Forever.”


The monster slinks away and a warm glow spreads inside the boy (like a flower in June, a cookie out of the oven, a hug). But the feeling doesn’t last. The monster is soon lurking again. One day, it’s only as fierce as a 2-inch tall rubber T Rex, and it taunts him,

“How long is forever, anyway?”

how long is forever

The story ends on an “okay for now” moment of love and silliness from his dad:

“Well, T Rex. Here’s the bad news. Forever for you means that you’ll always have those silly short arms, too puny to pick your nose and too tiny to tickle your son.”

* * * * *
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